Working in a space where birth meets death

The loss of an infant is a difficult and confusing time; often parents are in a state of shock and grief. Parents may be unaware of their options, especially what kinds of support are available. 

I would love to help you build memories with your precious baby in your own home environment because a baby who has died should be able to be cuddled and loved the same way as a baby who is born healthy and alive. 

Standard procedure after the loss of a baby only gives parents a few hours and photographs with their child. Bereaved parents should be given the option of spending more time with their baby. A CuddleCot cools the baby so that it doesn't deteriorate giving the opportunity to form an important bond with the baby, whether changing a nappy, dressing the baby, or simply just staying close. This helps families in dealing with their stillbirths or the loss of their babies. 

As a comprehensive support to women and their families who either know or unexpectedly find that their pregnancy journey ends in loss, I hope to help give parents time to heal, reflect and say goodbye. 

This homestay service can extend your time with your child by up to 5 days. Each day includes unlimited hours of support, setup of equipment, transport and paperwork, and costs $250, with a minimum fee of $500. 

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